We don't care where you're coming from.
We are interested in where you want to go.

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Are you smart, driven and exceptional at what you do? If the answer is yes, then we want you.

At Idyllic, we encourage creativity. We don’t believe in rules. We believe in people standing up for what they believe in. Right and wrong is subjective. All that matters is being tolerant to a different point of view.

Work at idyllic

your life won't be the same again

We mostly work with a skill we don't hold a degree in

We call it common sense. Our high technological qualifications not withstanding, we provide pragmatic solutions to the pragmatic problems of our clients. Like they say, it's simple to think difficult but it's difficult to think simple.

What we do is big at we envision to do is even bigger

Work is a bad word to explain what we do. Because we love what we do. We are passionate about solving meaningful problems with appropriate technologies.

Some pieces of art are timeless but some are ahead of their time.

This is what we like to imagine and try to achieve at Idyllic. Every piece of software that we design is not only technically sound but also aesthetically superior and relevantly positioned in the market place. Call it mavericks at work.

Monday morning blues? We don't see red

We believe work is a state of mind. So we are not overly rigid about the time and place you choose to work. Provided you do work and meet the deadlines. You'll have flexibility to work from home if need arises. Nevertheless we'll miss you at office during that friendly banter at the coffee machine.

We hate to work

If what you do seems like work, you're either in the wrong industry or you're not doing it right. Do what you love. Love what you do. Your time here should feel less like digging a trench and more like a challenging game of chess.

Time is money. Correction: Quality time is money

It's not about how much time you spend with us. It's about how you spend it. Our pay evaluation is entirely based on merit and your ability to value-add. We would like to put it this way: show us the money and we will show it back to you.

FREE BEER! If this doesn't attract you nothing will

We conduct geek sessions with beer on every Friday. Get a bit drunk, throw ideas around, catch them, brainstorm and generally get familiar with things around you.

Geek sessions are meant for you to get a hang of things. Not a hangover

We understand completely. Free beer on a Friday night is an intoxicating idea. One soon loses the count of how many glasses one has downed. The idea is to avoid doing that. Get a little drunk and happy. Don't get too drunk and sloppy. Make sure that the thin line between the workplace and the pub doesn't get blurred. Cheers!

Folks who take care of you :)

Dhaval Kapadia

Mr. Money

Asmita Apte

Happiness Manager

Stay humble, stay grounded

Here’s the tree in the center of our workspace. The tree is a constant reminder to always stay grounded and to not get carried away by whatever happens around us. Our humility has carried us this far and we hope it stays with us for the years to come.


Lets rock... together

As a member of our team, you’re sure to be thrilled with the amount of freedom you have, and the opportunities you’re presented with. All you have to do is grab every such opportunity that comes your way and express your opinions openly because we certainly want to hear them.

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