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  • 1You're Minimal: Use fewer elements of expression.
  • 2You’re General: Cover more ground.
  • 3You: Unify the two.
  • 4You Understand the grammar in DOM
  • 5You find vulgarity in extra DOM elements added for mere styling purposes.
  • 6You Understand the semantics in class names.
  • 7You Write Scalable & Maintainable CSS.
  • 8You Reset first to zero the cross browser weirdness with reset.css.
  • 9You Understand the Browser based box model.
  • 10You enhance progressively.
  • 11You understand MVC in the front end world.
  • 12To your work, all you need is TextEdit.
  • 13You live on the edge of what browsers have to offer. A new WebKit feature or Javascript API means a new experiment or a personal project.
  • 14You understand the misgivings of javascript and rather than complaining you work around it. Less Whining more Grinding.
  • 15You are driven to realize beautiful designs in to beautiful functional apps.

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