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Best Practices in Offshoring Software Development to India

A handy guide to getting the best from your outsourcing partnerships

Offshoring development comes with huge savings. But there are challenges and you've surely heard the horror stories. What if you could workaround the challenges and offshore with full confidence?
This ebook is put together to make offshoring to India work for you. You have to change the way you engage with your offshore team. This guide shows you how. If you are considering to offshore, invest 10 minutes of your time reading this ebook. And leverage the strategies covered in this book, for surprisingly guaranteed results!

The challenges that are covered in this book are:

  • How to overcome the communication barrier?
  • How to foster innovation?
  • How to make offshoring work with total confidence?
  • How to save money, make friends and enjoy relationships?
  • How to take a two week paid vacation? (Yes that’s a bonus!)

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