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UX Design – The Little Black Diary (LBD) for Startups

Design thinking is critical for every business regardless of its size and scale. More importantly, for startups UX Design plays a make or break role. Entrepreneurs, startup owners are often pulled in different directions and face multiple challenges in building their products. As result, design takes a back seat or many a times introduced as an afterthought.

At Idyllic, we are firm believers in the value that Design Thinking brings to the fore. We strongly recommend product owners to start with Design Thinking and stay on course throughout their product journey. We have created this eBook for the benefit of those entrepreneurs building their innovative products, but looking for guidance on design. The eBook is a practical guide for startup founders and entrepreneurs on how to leverage the power of Design Thinking.

Who should download this guide:

  • Startup Founders
  • CTOs looking to expand their IT/Tech teams
  • High growth firms in their expansion phase
  • Firms looking to offshore their development

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