We build native iOS & Android applications that your customers will like to talk about.

We signed up our first mobile customer 3 years ago and enhanced the company's valuation to $60M within two weeks of the launch. We've been creating brilliant experiences and intuitive applications ever since.
  • Phase 1 - What will we build and how will it look?

    Design plays a very vital role in mobile applications. Our design studio team ensures platform specific designs for both iOS and Android users.

  • Phase 2 - How will it work?

    You want your backend API to scale and flex to new user needs efficiently. Hence our Ruby on Rails experts puts a lot of emphasis into the architecting the API for efficiency.

  • Phase 3 - Build to realize the vision.

    Our process centers around communication. We choose the best of Kanban and Scrum to track the project and various tools such as Slack, Jira, GotoMeeting and others to keep the information flowing.

    We always want your application to be future proof and easily scalable for enhancements and support for new OS versions. Hence, we make sure that apps are structured properly and ready to scale with minimal efforts.

    • Framework to be used (Native, Web App, Hybrid)
    • Online Only vs Offline support required
    • Database layer required or not
    • Third party components and dependency integration
    • Sensitive data application vs public content
    • Keeping in mind best performance of app with reference to access to hardware resources (Memory, Battery, CPU)
    • Support for different device form factors and OS versions.

What We Do

Talent as a service



We build your iOS apps using Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C. We are in love with Swift and time and again move Objective-C code to Swift.



Just as for your iOS application, our designers will craft specific design for your android users. We’ll help you launch native Android application using the SDK into the google play store.

The Hybrid world

Though we do not highly recommend using any hybrid technologies, sometimes it just makes sense to use them when you do not want any of the platform-specific features in the application or if it is just a few pages of prototyping.

We recently helped Empire CLS launch their cab service application using Xamarin while used React.js for another customer.



Pradeep Negi

Android Developer

Pushkar Deshpande

Web and Mobile automation tester

Deepti Thakur

Project Manager | SCRUM | Kanban

Javal Nanda

Lead iOS Developer

Preetam Jadakar

Sr. iOS developer

Poonam Pujari

Communication Specialist

Omkaar Deshpande

Web and Mobile automation tester

Naked Facts

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We’ve done limited number of projects.

Our mobile development team is still only a few years old and is fairly new. So we only have a fewer projects to claim unlike our web team.

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