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At Idyllic, we are bunch of enterprising and resourceful professionals who would like to share our knowledge, best practices, successes and the odd goof-up with the world. The idea is to leverage our collective wisdom and help others learn from our experiences.

We have put together some useful eBooks on the best practices in offshoring software development, communication and engagement models among other topics. Ideally, we would like to build a case study out of every project that we engage in, but then we have quite a few. We have cherry picked our best work in UX Development, App Development and Web Design and created case studies.

We have also have On-Demand Webinars, Infographics and other Content resources for your reference. Feel free to explore this section and get a better understanding of our capabilities and rest assured, we’ll do one better each time.

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These are handy How-To-Guides on topics ranging from How to Choose the Right Offshore Partner to How to Work with an Outsourcing Company in India. The practical insights and the tips in these eBooks will help you make an informed decision the next time you’re looking for a design and development partner.

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Case Studies

Consider these proof points of our best work in UX/UI Design, iOS and Android development or even web development. We have carefully curated the best projects with the most complex business requirements and put together these case studies. They give you an in-depth analysis of the business problem and the solution Idyllic has built and the business benefits if available.

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Webinars are a good means to share the knowledge gathered during the course of our work with the wider community. We intent to make it a regular practice to conduct these sessions. A recorded version of these sessions is made available as an On-demand webinar for those who missed the live webinar.

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