We don't design an interface;

we craft an experience.
Experience isn’t about superficial appearance, it’s about the product’s personality. Experience isn’t how you think people will use your product, it’s about how your customers emotionally connect with your product. Experience isn’t static, it flows with time. Experience isn’t a wireframe, it’s about strategy. We love what we do. We love to partner with people who care about human experience of their products.
  • Phase 1 - Discover the opportunity

    Human beings are a complicated species!

    Experience isn’t deaf. It’s about your users. They are humans. They have needs. They have emotions. They have desires. They carry an attitude towards life. They need to have a good reason to change the way they do things. And it’s important we listen to them.

    • User Research
    • Field Studies
    • Stakeholder Interviews
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Card Sorting
    • Contextual Inquiry
  • Phase 2 - Define the problem

    Human ecosystems are complex!

    Experience isn’t just about your users. It’s much more broader than that. It’s like a chain of things. It’s about their families. It’s about their friends. It’s about how they socialize. It’s about complex decision making. It’s about an emotional journey of your users. And it’s important we map out how these ecosystems work.

    • Personae
    • Ecosystem Mapping
    • Empathy Mapping
    • Journey Mapping
    • User Stories
  • Phase 3 - Design the solution

    Frail ideas spawn in thin air, promising ideas are based on facts!

    Experience isn’t about coming up with wildest of design ideas. It’s about a factual decision making. It’s about translating what we learnt into a promising design direction. It’s time to conceptualise a strong foundation for your product.

    • Design Concepts
    • Information Architecture
    • Structural Design
    • Product Strategy
    • Concept Testing
  • Phase 4 - Deliver the product

    Great design is more science, than art!

    Experience isn’t just about beauty. It’s about crafting designs that matches the cognitive limits of human minds. It’s about crafting a natural conversation with your users through your product. It’s about making your users feel welcome when they use your product. It’s about creating a romance between your product and it’s users.

    • Interaction Design
    • Visual Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Microinteractions
    • Prototypes
    • Usability Testing

What We Do

Design as a service

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

We help you with research. We present you factual insights. We help you conceptualise design solutions. We help you ideate. Together, we build a strong strategy for the product.


User Interface Design

We help you with designs. We demonstrate how they look, and how they work. We help you design a scalable structure. We design for mobile and the web. We help you with pixel perfect style guides and interface specifications, down to the last pixel.

Identity Design

Identity Design

Your product might be feature-rich with high-end technologies. But your brand is what people will remember you by. A brand is not just a name or a logo. It is who you are to the world. We help you define your brand with thoughtful insights and an awesome customer experience.



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