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14 May 2012 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

Imagine a person walking up to you and starting to talk about herself, boasting about her abilities, asking you to believe that she is an expert and pushing you to take her out for a coffee. Now unless her father’s name is Apple or Groupon, you would not have any clue on who she is, no clue on why is she wasting your time and most importantly no clue on why is she asking you to spend your time and money on her.

Your business website is that beautiful charmer. She has only one agenda – engaging potential customers and generating curiosity to strike a conversation. She is with million others like herself trying to engage the same potential customers. If she is trained right, she can work wonders. So here are the lessons you should equip her with:

1. She should know her AIM

AIM: Aligned Intentional Markets
You do not want her to talk to any one and every one. She would be wasting her precious time in doing so. Your business website, if engages with people who are not the ones you want to work with, will generate garbage data and make it tedious tfor you o analyze the visitor data. Spend the time to know who your audience is. Narrow it down as much as possible. Making a generic website for every one is not worth it.
Moral of the story: Buiild it for ONE not for ALL.

2. Her First Smile

Beauty attracts the beast!. Are you looking for one?
Beauty lies in the beholders eyes, and what is beautiful to you might not be as admirable to others looking at it. With your website, there will be million other beautiful websites in the same space. Of course I am not asking you to have an ugly face, but it is important to understand that the trick is not being merely beautiful. It is in being personable enough with intelligent voice.

The first trick is in the greeting. How is your business website greeting your potential customers? Does it say – “I am an expert”?. Does it not recall the beginning of this blog? She is boasting about herself without any authority validating her claim.

A smart business website will talk to the audience about them. If they have come looking for something in your space, your business website can simply assert the fact that you can help. This draws their attention immediately as that is what is going on in their mind at that moment.
Moral of the story: Multiple landing pages.
More so, if you could be smart about wording her smile with some entertainment & emotional value, you are already making a connection.

3. Make her Friendly, Make her Casual

Humans speak human.
It is important to realize that your business website is not an advertisement. So do not make her speak advertising language. Speak human friendly, interesting, jovial(may be) and interest generating words.

When you talk like a human, it is easier to understand. Only humans make connections. If you sound authentic, fun to engage with , touch the emotional chord and match up the over all chemistry then you will have the opportunity to speak with the potential customer.
Moral of the story: Keep it terse, ask the right questions.

4. Tone her Voice

I love British accent. When they speak, I listen.
If she has a pretty voice with a beautiful accent, it improves the user experience for the listener. In terms of your business website, using good fonts cannot be ignored. Check out typekit, it has plenty of attractive fonts that it can lend you at very affordable prices. You could pick one to suit the personality of your business website.
Moral of the story: Font’s adorn.

5. Make her a good Listener

It requires courage to listen.
It is a misconception that a business website can speak but not listen. A business website sure can listen. She can listen to what her customer is navigating to. She can listen to what her customer is trying to find. She can provide a piece of blank paper in the form of a text box and ask to communicate. She can listen if the potential customer is tweeting something specific about her.

As she listens and learns, she evolves her style of communicating and modify her body language to have more and more success engaging the right people.
Moral of the story: Install analytics & learn from it.

6. Perfume her ONLY if it smells good

A woman should wear a perfume only if she is going to be kissed.
Having a beautiful picture on the website has no meaning unless it is conveying any information. Again,. By no meas am I you to make ugly looking web page. Feel free to use good colors, great fonts, gradient background, but think twice if you are only putting it to make it look good. You might be able to come up with a more meaningful image in that case instead of putting up abstract art. Or you might be able to simply change the layout of the page to smell good. Also lesser the images, better is the performance of your web page.
Moral of the story: Less image, less words, more information.

7. Train her Yourself

Maker her speak your words.
No one understands what your business stands for better than you do. Write the content yourself. Think of every line you write as if you are having a conversation with your potential customer. Try to answer all the questions that you have been asked thus far or the ones you think your clients would benefit from – tersely. What you write has a direct impact on who you impact. So make sure you write for your ideal customer.
Moral of the story: Write the content yourself.

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