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20 June 2016 by Pradeep Negi No comments

In today’s busy world everything has become compact in the form of mobile application aka app and has summoned the entire world in hands of the phone owner. The motive of every app owner is to keep its app user engaged on their respective app all the time. Basically, the more screen time the app gets the better. Many social networking apps are successfully engaging their users actively throughout the day. But a good app is the one that is able to take care of every need of its user including non-social ones.

It would be a compact world if a user could launch an app that would perform all his tasks in one place. That would be like a genie in a bottle which would book your taxi, order food if you are hungry, book hotel for you, buy movie tickets for weekends, check- in for a flight, perform complex banking transaction, book a doctor’s appointment when unwell, pay an electricity bill, meet a stranger around you, chat with your friends, read magazine articles, shop online etc. All in all a single integrated app so the user need not fidget around with many apps. An app within an app, technically an Alpha app.

Alpha apps act as an entry point to do anything on your phone. There are certain points need to be taken care of  while developing an alpha app.

1.User Interface.

2.Exposing API.

User Interface : The external system sends data which has got generic protocols, on the basis of that dynamic UI rendering performed. It’s difficult to decide which  component is required to be rendered at the run time.

Exposing API : The most important use of API is providing a service that other people, whether business or individual, can use and pay for, as in the case of cloud services where you pay-as-you-use. Exposing API is the future where many different apps can integrate the services provided by the API of a particular business.

Wechat is the first Alpha app in China which does all the tasks. It provides all the services from booking a taxi to paying your bills from the app, payment modules etc. Uber has already announced the public release of its API, allowing major mobile applications as well as individual developers, to integrate Uber offering into their platforms.

will write more about this in the next blog…

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