The Big Man is on Campus to Delight Startup Entrepreneurs

8 February 2017 by Anurag Verma No comments
Startup Campus London

Being a startup entrepreneur is not an easy task, you have to wear many hats at the same time. The boss, the business development executive, the operations guy and the bean counter are rolled into one at Idyllic. This week the bossman Jinesh is donning the role of sales guy on Campus London.

For the uninitiated, Campus London is the hotbed of startup activity prompted by Google as the hangout for budding entrepreneurs. Its a place where hot coffee and big ideas flow freely, with industry experts and Googlers sharing their expertise.  The perfect launchpad for entrepreneurs to start something new or meet like-minded folks and exchange ideas.

Campus London is Jinesh’s first port of call when he set out for exploring new shores, having delivered some awesome mobile apps and web experiences for clients in the US.  The new-age dev shop he started a few years back, still does business the old fashioned way, through building relationships based on trust and mutual respect. So what better place than Google’s Campus London to network and meet prospective business partners.

He’s on Campus this week, and he’s in a generous mood. Playing Santa to entrepreneurs  with design and development services virtually free of cost or at half the normal development cost.

So if you’re an aspiring startup founder with a bright idea, here’s your chance to bounce off your idea with him and start building the product. And he can be a pretty good sounding board, considering his own experience in entrepreneurship and working with a multitude of startups across industries.

Just catch him over a cup of coffee to discuss your big idea and he will give you his two-cents on how to go about building it. And if you are keen on it, he will get his team to design your brand identity, colour schemes and logos, absolutely free of cost. What’s more you could even get 50% discount on the design and development cost for building an MVP or your website. Its just his way of paying back to the startup community, while building future business.

Wondering how to reach him? Its easy to spot him, right now he must be prowling around the cafeteria looking for business/ideas. Or drop a line on and he’s pretty quick to respond on mails. You could reach him on twitter @jparekh78 or call him on +44-7452 351 188.   

So contact him now, for he’s a man in a hurry. He maybe gone too soon!

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