5 Things to Know While Writing Content for Your Business Website

5 January 2012 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

It is important to have a web presence. But just having a website for the heck of it wont do any good. It is important you have good quality content on your website and your website needs to talk to the the people you want as your clients.

Do the Website Content YOURSELF

No one understands what your business stands for better than you do. Write the content yourself. Think of every line you write as if you are having a conversation with your client. Try to answer all the questions that you have been asked thus far or the ones you think your clients would benefit from – tersely.

Don’t put Images that Do Not TALK

Having a beautiful picture on the website has no meaning unless it is conveying any information. I am not asking you to make ugly looking websites like craigs list. Feel free to use good colors, great fonts, gradient background, but think twice if you are only putting it to make it look good. You might be able to come up with a more meaningful image in that case instead of putting up a blonde there or change the layout of the page to look good. Also lesser the images, better is the performance of your web page.

Identify your Audience

If you are into services business like we are, you surely can serve a huge huge variety of industries or verticals. It is incorrect to build the website for every one and keeping it open. Instead only pick a handful of them (less than 4) whom you can serve and build your website for them. You will only increase the number of people who gets in touch with you and the quality of those leads would be very good as well.

No One Likes Literature

Most commonly people will come to your website looking for something. It could be through google organic search or your ad words or any other means. When they land on your home page, you have got only 3 seconds to engage the user. On the 4th second, the user is going to click the back button of the browser to sniff through his search results. So no literature writeup is going to be read. You want an heading that will give the user and understanding of what you do. On our website, we say it out bold “We are web developers specializing in Ruby on Rails”. Prefer bullet points instead of long text paragraphs. Keep the language super simple. Make it entertaining for the user instead of being stone faced. Make it human.


Do not boast on things that are not true. Do not say you are the best when you are not. Instead try to use “not being best in the industry” as a positive pitch to attract clients who do not want to work with the best. When you think creatively, you will be able to find reasons on why do you not want to work with the best in the industry.

Feel free to contact us if you want to talk about this topic and you are trying to do your website content. We wont charge for it as we do not specialize in it and that is not our business either. But it might be an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends.

Jinesh Parekh

Founder CEO, Idyllic.

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