Design is not Skin-deep. A Business Driven Approach to UX/UI.

22 March 2017 by Shivam Sahai No comments
Design is not Skin-deep

UX Design is no longer skin-deep and superficial in nature. It has evolved into a business enabler from just making screens look good. Today, UX is instrumental in defining business outcomes and product success. Product owners seldom realise the true power of design thinking. It can make or break a business idea depending on the customer experience and adoption rate.

At Idyllic we interact with Product owners of all kinds – from Startup entrepreneurs to Enterprise Product Managers. What we have learnt is that very few really understand how to use this fancy Hattori Hanzo sword. Use it right, you can Kill Bill and drive  business outcomes. It’s not that difficult provided you know the rules of the game. Its a journey that encompasses user research – primary and secondary. Along the way, product owners discover the benefits that UX/UI design delivers.

Having gathered crucial inputs and critical insights into how UX/UI design influences businesses, we would like to share the knowledge with the wider business community. We are hosting a Live Webinar next week that will offer key insights and practical take-aways on the following –

Webinar Topic Areas

– Traditional approach vs Business-driven approach to UX.

– How to align UX/UI Design to drive business success?

– Should you hire a UX designer or a UI designer? Or none?

– How much should you pay for UX/UI design?

– A Business-driven UX case study – FanKave

If you’re product owner/manager or a Startup Founder looking to build your Product/MVP, the webinar will give you some food for thought surely. We also have  a Startup Founder/CEO on the panel to share his UX/UI design journey and how it has defined the product evolution.

Who Should Attend

  • Startup CEOs/Founders
  • CTOs of High Growth Firms
  • Product Owners/Product Managers
  • Business Heads with Product Development Needs
  • Businesses looking for a design revamp (Apps/Websites) 

     Click here to access the On-demand Webinar

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