You’re the founder of a brand new, super cool, totally unique Startups! Business is good, and it’s good to be you, yet you recognize that managing a Startups is a difficult and time-consuming task. Of course, you’re prepared to take on the challenge and you’ve got your priorities in order. Marketing, business operations, management, capitalization, and revenue generation all make the tippy-top of your to-do list.

Oh, but wait a minute! Something seems to be missing from this list. Whatever could it be? Having trouble figuring it out?

It’s your People function (known as the Human Resource Department in its past avatars). We at Idyllic Software call it the Happiness Department.

The people function aka human resources might not seem like it should make your list of prime priorities (you’ve probably already hired a starter crew of friends and relatives anyway), but I can assure that neglecting HR can be a serious pitfall. It might seem reasonable enough on the surface to let HR take a backseat at the beginning, except, to be blunt, it isn’t.

Your company is dependent on your team. Your success or failure, will rely on the skills, passion and care your employees contribute to your growing business.Your Startups needs people who share your interests and value, and who are prepared to mature alongside your company’s own growth.You have to think in terms of the long run; sure, your mother’s cousin might know a thing or two on how to do a skill, but does he really care about why you need that skill?

Of course you, you awesome Startups starter-upper you, don’t have the time to look into every single application or potential employee. You have other priorities for your company’s needs; I’ve already listed them above.

This is why you need a passionate people enabler. Your HR specialist understands the importance of creating a dynamic team and suitable working atmosphere that will benefit every member of your team. These are her/ his primary tasks. S/he helps to build and maintain a healthy and productive environment, ensuring that team members not only understand the how of their positions but the why as well.

Six out of ten Millennials, according to a 2015 Deloitte Survey, cited their company’s sense of purpose as part of the reason they chose their job. You want— nay, you need someone in your HR department who can find these individuals who, like you, believe in your Startups sense of purpose.