Don’t use up your user’s device storage space

16 July 2015 by Javal Nanda No comments

Hello, fellow developers!! This article is for iOS developers on how to give a better user experience and more control over the app to its users.

These days, most API-driven applications do have some/large amounts of media content, whether it’s an image or a video. And to give the user a better experience of not downloading the content each time, we tend to cache the content with the most images by using various Image Caching libs available. Now, it often happens that most of the content being cached become outdated due to various reasons like an image is updated for the same content or the content is too old that the user is not revisiting it within the app. But, in most cases, this cached content is never cleared and it keeps on growing, thus utilizing more and more space on the user’s iPhone unless you have integrated some sort of mechanism to clear it automatically or provided some kind of way to the user for clearing it.

Due to all this, your app size becomes a lot larger than its size in the store. Now, as you all know iPhone does not have an inbuilt way to clear the cache, like what is available on Android. So, the user does not have a way to reduce the size of your app and clear up some of the device storage space. This introduces the risk of a user deleting your app by seeing the amount of space it is utilizing when a user tries to manage storage for clearing some space.

And even if iPhone had the clear cache option, it is still a good move to provide a user a way to clear selective media if they don’t want to delete the entire cache.

So, it’s always better to give the user more control over your app so that he may have better visibility of your app and so that he won’t keep wondering why the size shown on the app store is a lot more than what the installed app is occupying.

One good example of this is the Whatsapp application. Whatsapp provides an option to view media from where a user can selectively delete the downloaded media. Although they don’t have a user-friendly alternative way to clear entire cache content, they do provide a way for the user to clear some storage by deleting the unwanted cached media.

So, if your application is having extensive media content that is getting cached, it’s always good to provide some option to the user from where they can clear the cache whether the option is within the app or in the app settings.

This will help your user to stay engaged with your app by having better control over your app and they will not simply delete it to clear some amount of storage space on their device. And believe me once a user deletes the application, chances are very less that they will re-install it.

So, keep your app users happy by giving them more control over the app content.

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