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1 February 2017 by Anurag Verma No comments
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Clutch, an independent ratings and reviews firm based in Washington, D.C., has featured Idyllic as a leader in Ruby on Rails web developers, giving Idyllic the #2 rank in Rails technology.

Clutch evaluates hundreds of web developers across the globe. Their methodology is based on a number of qualitative and quantitative criteria, including previous work, market presence, client accolades, among others.

Most importantly, the backbone of Clutch’s scoring methodology comes from verified client interviews of our web development services, in which Clutch speaks directly to our clients to get a sense of the services provided.

Here are some client quotes in the interviews conducted by Clutch:

One client, the founder of a travel abroad SaaS company, stated:

“They delivered good results and didn’t simply code based on their individual egos, giving us things which we didn’t need. Idyllic worked based on our business goals, listened to our instructions, and took initiative appropriately.”

When asked about his overall satisfaction with our web development services, he also added:

“After spending time with Idyllic’s team and their founder, I’ve come to value their integrity and leadership. Whenever we had any concerns or questions, Idyllic’s principal responded to us. I could tell that his team believed in his leadership and followed the integrity he set in terms of how to work with clients, how to follow their needs, what the code quality standard is, and so on. Idyllic’s principal does an excellent job in exuding his passion for technology. I’ve come to look for the same elements in other relationships.”

Another client said:

“The marketing team was thrilled at how rapidly improvements and changes were being made to the website. Our internal engineers also liked the code quality delivered by Idyllic. I considered them a lifesaver, especially since I was responsible for other projects while keeping internal customers happy.”

As 2016 came to a close, Clutch also recognized Idyllic as one of the Top Web Developers in India in their research.

We’re excited to be included in Clutch’s research, which highlights our focus on providing high-quality work with great customer focus and ranks as a top web developer. A shout-out to all our enterprising clients who expressed their faith in us and Clutch for their in-depth interviews and diligence. For more information, do check out Idyllic’s reviews on Clutch.

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