Local is the Global

27 December 2012 by siddharth 1 comment


Think global but go local is a concept that was first voiced by the ace leaders of innovation and technology from Japan. The initial idea was to think of the world as a whole but to lay the foundation locally to better the society bit by bit. But today local has become the face of global.

In the world of internet, technology has taken a fast pace to serve the entire world sans any geographical borders. But serving in a niche market, narrowing the target audience is the best way a startup can start to cater his/her services. This helps in popularizing the organization and the services, to climb up the global ladder in a later time. Even the newspaper industry which caters to a greater diaspora follows the same thought. A newspaper gets published from various places inside a country. But every edition of it from every location will have its first page dedicated to the local news. This is because proximity matters to get the attention of people.

On Friday, December 14, 2012 when a gunman opened fire on the innocent school children and slaughtered 20 kids and 6 adults, the news went viral across US. But people in other parts of the world knew it much later and just offered their sympathies for the innocent souls! But not many could really relate to the pain and trauma that the families and the localities faced out there. Similarly when 26/11 massacre happened in India’s financial capital Mumbai, not all people around the globe were aware of it immediately. The news took time to reach all. And when it reached 26/11 got renamed as the new face of global terror. This is because we tend to attach ourselves to things developing and happening close to us.

Once a company can tap in its local market, word of mouth and reputation spreads across to take it up the ladder. The story of the automobile giant BMW is apt to validate this point. The German car maker first targeted cars well fit for the German public and their roads. Once that sparked up and they raised the first toast off success, the company started designing cars for the global market. Now they also have cars to buy the sentiments of the upper middle class people from India.

Noted American journalist and author Thomas Friedman in his book “The World is Flat” mentioned how Netscape started with a niche audience to open doors for all and declare “the web is for everyone.” There were a lot of critics who supported his notion while many disagreed. The world is indeed a flat place where meeting two ends is not difficult and impossible but it is far fetched. So localizing, narrowing the target audience gains momentum to the business at the startup level.

Being local is therefore the new face of going global. Target the local market first to rule in the national market followed by the global dominance. One needs to be known in his/her domain first and then can get acknowledged globally. So brace local to be global.


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