Myth buster – Who works for a STARTUP!

2 May 2013 by Anjali 5 comments

Once out of college, everyone wants to get hired in a big company. Well…almost everyone! A handful rich and fortunate guys decide to have their own venture or join their family business. And the rest, who don’t get a job in any MNC decide to step in a small company, be it a startup. This is a myth that most of the path and join a less known company, you have failed.”

This myth has ruined many talents in the past and to do a justice to the future, today I am going to bust it.

Myth 1 – All smart people get hired in MNC.

Idyllic Spftware Mythbuster - Busted

A big company doesn’t look at how smart you are. It sees if, with an average intelligence, you would be a fit with the work culture of the company. Most of the companies do not hire the top and the bottom of the curve. Bottom ones are neglected for obvious reasons. The top ones are said ‘no’ for they can be the first one to switch jobs for better pay. Who wants to waste money and time trying to stop iterations?


Myth 2 – Those who won’t get a job anywhere else, they just join a startup.

Idyllic Software Mythbuster - Busted

Those who won’t get a job anywhere else won’t qualify for a startup either. This lot gets hired in mass recruitment drive only, which of course is done by big companies. Startups are quite choosy about who they want to work with. They would prefer being under-manpower and working double-shifts than to hire an underperforming employee. A startup needs real talent for that push to make things happen and they settle for nothing less.


Myth 3 – You can’t get real learning experience if you work in a startup. MNCs have copyright on learning.

Idyllic Software Mythbuster - Busted

MNC gives you defined role. A book of previous learning is given and you never have to start from scratch. But then, you lose on innovation too and the probability of ‘what-if’. The startup, on the other hand, gives you a wider scope of learning different things, things that you might not learn in a routine job. It gives you freedom to experiment, take the risk, apply the bookish to see if it really works and learn from your own mistakes. A 360 degree enriched learning experience!


Myth 4 – If you join a startup, your dad will pay your bills.

Idyllic Software Mythbuster - Busted

Yes, startups seldom have pockets as deep as MNCs. But then do MNCs share their huge profits with their employees? Not really. MNCs offer huge CTCs, startups quote less. But wait a minute! What is this CTC? The cost to Company is not what you get paid in your salary account. It is what company

thinks is spending on keeping you. This includes all it claims to give you as benefit including the desktop/laptop, internet connection, cafeteria, big office corridors and centralized air-conditioner. What really comes in your hand is about the same or sometimes lesser than what a person with same experience and educational background gets working for a startup. By the way, irrespective of which company you work for, your dad doesn’t pay your bill unless…you want him to pay.

Myth 5 – The bigger the company you work for, the more are your chances to grow in the company.

Idyllic Software Mythbuster - Busted

A big company has a hierarchy to tackle dissatisfaction of non-promotion amongst a big pool of employees, out of which only few can actually reach the top management level. A promotion in MNC means you get a new job title, a hike, a new place to sit, sometimes a new team and often a new city in a foreign country. What remains same is your daily routine work. Where is the growth? Growth is in a flat organization that you joined when it was a startup. Joining early and staying there helps you grow with the startup and have a chance of being the big-shot of the company when it becomes a billion dollar baby.


Much more such myths exist in the minds of ignorants.

If you know any such myth, share with us.

We will bust it!!!


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5 thoughts on “Myth buster – Who works for a STARTUP!”

  1. Well Scripted and useful article.
    It never pains to join a start-up whose vision is clear to the prospect employee ,and the more clearer one becomes of it , the more patient and hardworking one would be while joining a start- up .It is also the case when one joins an MNC. Hunting for job just for the case of employment is the biggest risk one ever takes without realizing the impending danger. Good Luck.

    1. Krishna, well asked. Thanks. What about job security when a startup ends before its launch.
      Let me ask you this…what about job security when an MNC starts bulk layoff due to recession? Or when a bigger MNC acquires a smaller MNC and then starts the layoff? The question is do we really have “job security” in today’s corporate world or are we living under the threat of loosing our job to recession or not reaching monthly/quarterly/yearly targets?

      My friend, turbulence is in all sea waters. Yes, the chances of startup failure exists. This is where you have to gamble. Chances are that the startups might make it big like Facebook or Flipkart. Chances are also there that is might not even take-off. But then if you are a good resource, you have nothing to worry about. By the way, most of the startups don’t fire people. They value resources very well and try to retain them as much as possible.

  2. Very well written. and very true .but as most of our parents ,relatives and also may people in the society say “”Once you graduate, get a job in an MNC If you choose a less traveled path and join a less known company, you have failed.”
    Most of us choose a big MNC at times because of the societal pressure
    but it is really heartening to see this blog as it will encourage generations coming after us to work for start ups…

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