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22 November 2011 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

1. Do a Startup for its Entertainment Value

Starting Business - Idyllic Software
Do a startup for your happiness and enjoyment and for the sheer desires of having great stories to tell your grand children. Make it fun, not serious. Enjoy it. Do not worry failure or crib on lost opportunities that would have poured in if you were not starting up.

Make sure you KNOW that there is nothing to loose. Once you know this, you are all ready to CREATE what you believe in.


Longer you sustain in the business, better are the chances that you will be in the business. More clients you have more are the chances of sustenance. Get clients to pay your bills with some profits & run the show.  Think profits not yet.

3. Be Lazy

Work ON your business not IN your business. Attempting to code that small project yourself and increasing your profit by 70% is a SIN. Delegate it to some one or outsource if you can, and now use the time to figure out WHAT NEXT?

4. TEAM is the only Asset you are Building

Trust them. Value them. They will work wonders you would have not even imagined. Be ethical, stick to your words and most importantly, GROW them.

5. Take Pride in your Work

It is important to be proud of your work so make sure your work is good. Be fair to your clients & keep showing off your work to your friends and family. Dont forget to ask for a testimonial just when the client is happy.

6. Celebrate EVERYTHING

Got a new client or delivered a nice project, go celebrate with your team. Take along your client too if you can.

7. FEEL PROUD – Do not Quantify Everything

It is important to feel proud about your company. Now that you have a little greens in your bank, you want you want your company to look elite, don’t you? Go brand yourself with some nice designs & logos. Spend some part of the money on that new SEO strategy company. Don’t fear making bold statements, its OK to create some turbulence.

We would be more than happy to learn from your experiences so please feel free to share your thoughts on this blog. Also if you would like to discuss starting one up, feel free to connect with us and we could get to know each other.


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