Stop making Resolutions – Start making tangible plans.

31 December 2012 by siddharth 3 comments

Statistics say that only 45 percent of Americans take a New Year resolution, while only 8 percent of them emerge successful with it. So why just take a resolution? Let’s welcome the New Year in a better way with more tangible plans and call for action!

It is 2013 and time to act and not just resolute. Taking resolutions is goal setting but what when you fail to achieve it? Just plain resolutions don’t work for startups, it is essential to follow a strategic plan. Energize your team and resources to plan how best to achieve it in an affordable way.

Approach in the lean way

As a new startup or a growing one, funds seem to be the major impediment. Eric Ries devised a great methodology- the lean model for growing startups. Here he emphasizes on the usage of value practices instead of wasteful practices during the product development phase. Use your customer feedback and fine tune your product accordingly with the agile methodology. This will save a lot of money and keep your goal alive.

Keep your focus firm

If you want your resolution to be successful, the recipe is to stay focused. Take cue from various big market players and see how they brand themselves. Branding will set a pavilion for your business to reap benefits.

Build partnerships

Sticking to your startup goal can be executed in the real way by networking and building partnerships. One can never be the master in all fields. So admit it. Collaborate with a firm that respects your startup plan and believes you have potentiality to drive it forward. This will develop your business and enhance your capabilities.

Follow these three simple steps to make your resolution work for your startup this 2013. Let’s decisively follow what Brad Paisley, the noted American singer said: “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

Happy and Prosperous 2013 to all of you!


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