Top 5 Hacks to Get the Best from your Indian Offshore Team

22 February 2017 by Jinesh Parekh No comments
Offshore to India

Getting the best out of an offshore team in India is always a challenging task, inspite of the obvious cost advantages. Timezone differences, communication challenges, project management, quality of the code delivered, are all real issues that clients face. The solution, however, is surprisingly simple. Having delivered quite a few offshoring projects successfully, we have put together the best practices guide in offshoring work to an Indian firm.

Communicate Better   India is a country of multiple languages, dialects and cultures. So the developers speak in different accents which maybe hard to comprehend, at first. But the good news is the medium of instruction in most schools and colleges is English. So most developers are good with their written communication. Smart collaboration tools like slack come handy when you are communicating with your offshore team.

Know Your Team  Get the team on your side, maybe relocate to India for a couple of weeks. It won’t cost you much, or if you’re lucky, the offshoring firm may split the tab. But it will help you share the vision, product ideas and the overall direction with the team. You will get to know them better. Once you befriend them, they will go that extra mile to deliver the goods. Since you know the developers personally you can manage your project better once you are back in your country.

Show AppreciationWhen the offshore team goes that extra mile to deliver work, let them know you genuinely appreciate their efforts. Not with a cold thank you mail. In India, most developers prioritize work over their personal life. A heartfelt appreciation note or a gift card will go a long way in keeping the team motivated. It gives them a sense of achievement, pride and ownership, which will reinforce their commitment.

Promote GrowthIts natural for you to expect the offshore firm to think about your growth. Similarly you need to think of the firm’s growth. Call it Karma, but Indians do believe the principles of Good Karma even in business relationships. And in the end its a win-win relationship for you and them as well. Promote their business in your circles in the true spirit of partnership. You will win their loyalty and dedication forever.

Think Long-termLook at the offshore team as an extended arm of your business. If it is a continuously evolving business, engage with them for a marathon, not a short sprint. The offshore firm is always looking for long-term engagements. They can dedicate more resources & build the team around your project. The working partnership will evolve over a period of time and help you get more value.

For more such insights, download this eBook “Best Practices in Offshoring Software Development to India“. Invest 10 mins of your precious time. Deploy the strategies covered in the guide to get amazing results from your offshoring team.

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