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23 March 2012 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

We had been hearing a lot of praises for our website page titles until today when some one complained saying – we have to browse your entire website to read all the titles. So we thought of getting them all down in this one blog. There you go:

  1. We’re web developers specializing in Ruby on Rails.
  2. Work with us once & we’ll SPOIL you forever.
  3. Software development services with a purpose – YOU.
  4. High quality software for SOON TO BE BIG companies.
  5. Platform you’ll build your SUCCESS upon.
  6. Ruby on Rails – It’s COOL, It’s FAST, It’s PRAGMATIC.
  7. Rails is a KILLER app for Ruby. Its AWESOME.
  8. Gone in 3 seconds. That’s the name of the game.
  9. A CRITICIZING user is way better than a DORMANT one.
  10. Ready to build the next BIG thing?
  11. Make your profits EMBARRASSINGLY large
  12. It’s common sense to do Ruby on Rails
  13. A dream come true for SINATRA lovers
  14. We hate to work. We are RESTFUL.
  15. It’s not about beautiful data. Its about MEANINGFUL information.
  16. ezeeee javascript.
  17. A witchcraft for REAL TIME applications.
  18. Up your productivity. Up your MARGINS.
  19. Your CREATIVITY delivered.
  20. Sexy design, BEAUTIFUL implementation.
  21. Reality is that part of IMAGINATION that all agree upon.
  22. Become a one-stop-shop for your clients.
  23. We’ll ENLIVEN your beautiful designs.
  24. We’re what we are and we’ve a need to be.
  25. We do what we love and we love what we do.
  26. Talent works, attitude creates.
  27. Think Big, Aim small.

Have a good day.

Jinesh Parekh

Founder CEO, Idyllic.

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