Why Build a Shopify App?

14 March 2012 by Jinesh Parekh No comments
Orderly Shopify App

We recently delivered a project OrderlyPrint for a smart solopreneur who saw the need for it and how it could help save time for the store owners by aiding in printing invoices, labels, packing slips and packing lists in bulk. The project took 3 weeks to deliver from idea to inception. The application is very simple, but you can already see the add value it brings to the table for store owners by saving time for them. This triggered me to think why would people build apps for shopify and below are a few things I came up with:


If you are a store owner yourself, you would be facing some problems yourself and can intelligently decide if an app would help. If not, shopify publishes a wishlist which you could look at to validate that the problem exists and would be used by several store owners.


Shopify platform allows you to monetize the app you built by making it available to over 20,000 existing stores that are living and doing business on their platform right now. You could add your app on Monthly subscription mode or a one time fee. So skin the cat as you wish to.


If you are not a developer yourself, or do not have enough time to build the app with your day job, know that building a shopify application is inexpensive as compared to other web ventures.

There are only around 150 shopify apps (correct me if I am wrong). When you compare it with any other giant like apple app store, there are more chances of your app being seen and used by the store owners. So its better to be some one in few than no one in many.


Most apps sell from 5 bucks to 200 bucks. So if you could come up with an attractive pricing of around 25 bucks a month and can get 1% of the store owners to use it, you would make 200 X 25 = 8,000 USD per month per application.


Hope this blog helps you decide on building your next shopify app. If you already have an idea and want to discuss it with us, we would be more than willing to answer your questions and share our experience building the application.

Thanks for reading this post and have a great day!

Jinesh Parekh

Founder CEO, Idyllic.

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