Why invest in your elevator pitch?

7 May 2012 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

Most entrepreneurs do not focus on the elevator pitch. Sure elevator pitch simply means how would you pitch your business to a potential customer in 30 seconds when you meet her in the elevator. However taking the jargon along, you must have a simple sentence describing your business. It should be more than what you do. It should resonate with the customers add value chord.

I came across a story recently which describes this very beautifully. It is about a blind man sitting on the road side with a write up on a piece of paper saying


If you think about it, it is an elevator pitch about what the blind man is about and what he is looking for.  The sales figures were low – 9 dollars and 50 cents per day.

One day a man walked upon and saw the message. An entrepreneur he was who certainly valued  helping other entrepreneurs for no returns. He took the opportunity to change the write up to say


Guess what? The sales went up to 47 $, 5X growth. When the entrepreneur came in the evening to see if it helped, the blind man recognized the footsteps and inquired about what did he do in the morning to see this sudden change.He said, I said the same thing you were saying it. But I put it differently to touch the emotional chord (add value chord) for your potential customers. That did the trick.

Of course reading the story certainly tells us that our elevator pitch “We are web developers specializing in Ruby on Rails” is similar to the blind man’s first messaging.  I wonder what should we put in to connect with the potential customers better.

Kindly make some suggestions as to how could a ruby on rails developer like you and like us, pitch ourselves.

Jinesh Parekh

Founder CEO, Idyllic.

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