Why should you NOT work with the “BEST” in the industry?

13 December 2011 by Jinesh Parekh No comments

Every one wants to say “We are the Best at what we do” in the industry and “We are the thought leaders” of the industry. Superlative words like “BEST” is overused. Psychologically it has no impact on the reader. In fact if it has any, it is negative. It makes the reader suspicious.

If you are evaluating working with some one or some company that claims to be the BEST, you could safely turn them down. 9 out of 10 times it will be a good decision. When some one claims to be the BEST, there are only two possibilities in that can happen. Either they are lying or they are actually “The Best” in the industry. Of course you do not want to work with liars. Do you? So turning them down does not require any justification.

But what if they are not lying and they are actually Best at what they do, you still do not want to work with them and below are few reasons:

Best is Expensive

I recently connected with one of the best UX company & the best content strategy company for two different projects substantially large. I had a budget of 50K USD in mind, but their minimum starts with 250K and 100K respectively. For small companies, these amounts do not even form their annual revenue in sales.

You will ALWAYS be Their Small Account

Even if you manage to meet their minimum requirements, You are always treated as a small account and they will not be as flexible as you would want a vendor to be when you are paying them so highly. You wont get the attention you deserve.

They are NOT Dying to Earn Your Testimonial

Imagine the work you would deliver to a client whose testimonial is worth on your website. You would surely run a few extra miles to impress him. However, in you choose to work with the BEST, your testimonial might not even get on their website as it would look awkward to see yours listed with their Fortune 500 ones.

You will have to Listen ALL THE TIME, They WON’T

Since they are the best, you will not be able to raise a voice to be creative and do things differently. Infact they will tell you what should you be doing all the time. If you are lucky you are allowed to “whisper” a few times in the conversation.

You will Never Work with Their BEST

Its obvious they will have their best talent reserved for bigger clients than yourself. Hence they will only engage mid level or junior talent for your project. Guess what? Now you are no longer working with the “BEST in the industry”. Oh but look, your billing rate does not reflect that change.

They just want to Quickly get Done with You

If you are really very unlucky, they will have bagged a big fortune 500 account just after they started working with you. Now, they want to focus every one on that account, and your small project is becoming a hurdle and they sure know that you are soon not going to be able to afford them.

Remote Possibility for a Strategic Partnership – Its a One-Time Deal

They are not going to be your friends. They wont refer you to any one or get you connected with anyone as you are not yet the right fit in their network. It is important that a vendor relationship works out beyond wrapping up a deal for identifying new clients and mere networking.

So What Should You Do?

Birds of a feather MUST flock together. If you pick a company or person at the same level or one level below you, then

  1. now suddenly you are one of their big clients and they will put in their best to keep you with them.
  2. your testimonial matters and they are going to run a few extra miles to make you happy.
  3. they will try to be as creative, different and good as they can to build their portfolio.
  4. you will be working with their best talent. They want you to stay.
  5. you can bargain and work with a reasonable price.
  6. chances of strategic partnerships are much higher.

This blog is my personal experience having worked with some of the real thought leaders in the industry and also hiring the best talent in my past life.

I must talk about one exception here though that I had experienced. I would say that Bentley Motors deserves to refer themselves superlatively. When I went to visit their Chicago Downtown showroom, I told them upfront that I was not even thinking of buying anything, just looking at their beauties. The sales person welcomed me saying, come on in and dream it so that you will want one in the future and we will be able to serve you. Now these are 1 of those 10 exceptional vendors that you would want to work with as they truly care about what people say about their company.

Let me know if there are more reasons that I could add to the blog. I will update the blog and give you a back link from the blog itself to help your SEO efforts.

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Founder CEO, Idyllic.

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