We are mavericks.
We think like us!

our dna

The dictionary meaning for maverick is 'independent ­minded person'. But then, we don't follow the dictionary either.

Trust us.We follow ourselves. A bunch of talented, free spirited geeks who have come together with a vision. Ok, may be vision is too heavy a word for a free flowing young lot like us.

We get inspired by the leaders of the industry but we don’t follow them blindly. You can call us an arrogant bunch of geeks, or you can call us brave. Brave enough to think new. Think simple. Think pragmatic. Think the way only we would. No wonder,coming out with the tagline for ‘Idyllic’ was easy:

we think like us!

Our Values


It is difficult but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business.
-  Gandhi


It is not about being the best, but about making room for progress.

Go beyond

It’s never crowded along the extra mile.

Work Hard

We like to earn money the old fashioned way.

Meaningful relationships

Doing business is merely an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship for life.

embarrassing facts about us
# 01

We work in a planned fashion. The only thing is that we each have our own plans.

# 02

We need you more than you need us.

# 03

We'll talk in about 40 different accents in English

# 04

After every deployment, we turn unusually religious and call on higher powers.

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Ashwini Torvi

Creator of Opportunities

Unique combination of creative and business skills. Hard nosed professional who is an effortless relationship acquirer and builder.

Brian Tsuchiya

Managing Director, Boulder

An honest individual who believes in sharing information as they are. His knowledge in business modeling and fundraising continues to be the cornerstone conversation for our customers.

Jinesh Parekh


An entrepreneur focussing on building authentic relationships. People come before money. Money might be our need but has never been the purpose of our existence.

Namrata Khosla

Opportunity Catalyst

Integrity, responsibility, empathy and a keen learner defines her best. Friendly and approachable, you can totally count on her to guide you in the right direction.

Gaurav Gaglani


Everything he takes up always reaches the finish line. His systematic and detailed approach is what makes it enjoyable to work with him.

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