We are Ruby & Javascript experts.

We create robust, scalable and resilient applications and web services for ambitious organizations.

Ruby on Rails is proven, efficient and powerful

We’ve built hundreds of applications with Ruby on Rails in these 10 years and it still remains our favorite when it comes to building powerful, scalable and resilient software. 


SchloopDesigned and delivered web and mobile application for an edu tech startupClick HereMGIEP – A UNESCO OrganizationDesigned and developed AI driven applications for MGIEP that helps learn student behavior and train them on empathyTRX TrainingDeveloped browser based CMS for managing TRX training website.

We know React and employ it everywhere.

Our developers have mastered React and we highly recommend using the React ecosystem when building mobile applications. 

Math chips
Monkey Win
Wallet Screen – No referrals or cash back
It's a Tie WON
Small screen mopnkey

747 Games

747 games is our own product. We launched it to practice what we preach. If we can take a hypothesis, launch it and make it successful, then we can do that for others as well. So did it succeed?

  • Launched in 3 months.
  • Figured out iterative marketing approach.
  • Grew the user base to 500K registered players.
  • Generated $1.5M in revenue in one year.

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