Our Work

We have delivered awesome web and mobile experiences for a marquee set of clients across industry verticals. We have built apps and websites for enterprises and startups and reinforced IT teams of high growth firms.

Designed and developed AI based solution for UNESCO, MGIEP to track sympathy development in children.

Built a Ruby on Rails based Browser CMS for the TRX training website.

Designed, Developed and launched an Uber like intelligent bus service for the city of Boston in 14 weeks to help the company value at a whopping $60M.

Ideated, designed, developed and launched a real time skill-based betting game which now has more than 500K users and put the startup in revenue.

Designed and developed career site for Peapod to attract new age talent for them.

We've got a lot to show and
no clue where to begin

Over the last 10 years, we have delivered more than 75 projects and it would be hard to show each one of them. If you help us with your interests, we will talk about very specific case studies that will help you evaluate us better.