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Equipped a Boston-based startup to value at a whopping $60M in just fourteen weeks. Designed, developed and launched an Uber-like, on-demand bus service for the city of Boston.

  • 1Built driver & customer mobile applications supported by Ruby on Rails API's.
  • 2The application was assessed to take 6 -8 months for development with a budget estimated north of $1M by other firms.
  • 3Launched in merely 14 weeks for less than $400K.
  • 4Upon launch, the valuation of the company shot up to $60M.

The challenge! - Design a food-ordering experience for NBA fans while they watch a live game at a major sports arena in the US.

  • 1This wasn’t a run-of-the-mill app that will be used while relaxing on a couch at home.
  • 2Experience had a direct correlation with revenues. More orders meant more revenues.
  • 3Experience still had to be minmalistic and to-the point. Fans don't come to order food, they come to watch the game.
  • 4Innovative usability evaluation techniques to test, evaluate and refine the designs during the process. Results were startling.
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We earn money the old-fashioned way, by working towards building a relationship with you. Our team is sharp. Our attitude is what enables us to deliver miracles for our customers though. We respect your constraints and work around them to help you grow your business. We won't back out when times are rough nor will we shy away from taking up an impossible task to get you to the next level.

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No to Agile process. Stick to the manifesto. Do not get us wrong. We love the Agile manifesto. The agile process should be customized and not followed dogmatically.


Solve it simply The most advanced solutions are simple. Simple is what is easy to use.


Work smart. Be efficient. Have fun. We enjoy walking the extra mile in our relationships.

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“The Idyllic team helped the Founder Institute move our custom learning management system from Rails 2 to Rails 3. There were literally hundreds of of pages and tens of thousands of lines of code that are the backbone to an entrepreneur training business in 34+ countries and 55+ cities. The upgrade process was well managed by Idyllic and went without any business disruption. The company was recommended to me by a top Product Manager at one of my previous startups, I recommend Idyllic as a vendor.”

Adeo Ressi
CEO, Founders Institute

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