1. An iOS & two Android applications backed by a Ruby on Rails application.
  2. Original estimates : 6-8 months. Cost over 1M.
  3. We Delivered in 14 weeks for less than 400K.
  4. Upon launch evaluation shot upto 60M followed by Series A round of funding.

Bridj wanted to create an urban mass transit system for the city of Boston. They came to Idyllic for a web application along with iOS and Android applications. The project duration, they said, was estimated by other companies at 6-8 months and they needed it delivered in 10 weeks.

We took up the challenge

The requirement was to build a driver side Android application, passenger iOS and Android applications and a web administration. The requirements were summarised in a 12 bullet point document. We knew that there was no time for requirements gathering and going through our standard process. We took the best from Scrum and Kanban and kicked off the development with a team of 14 members. We wanted to avoid everything that would cause delays in time. So we chose not to use any project management tool, but managed the entire project on an excel spreadsheet. We created a high level milestone for 10 weeks.


Everyday, we would decide with the client on what we would be building. We would show the designs to them and get a sign off or mark any changes and it would straight go to development.

We took a micro-service approach where each developer could independently work on their module as all communication were through pre-defined API calls.

We delivered the project with more than the12 bullet points defined in the requirements gathering document in 12 weeks. Bridj raised their series A funding and was valued at $60M USD a few weeks after the launch.