Roadmap to success

We will hep you validate your project hypothesis and lay out options on how can you best execute it successfully.

why have a roadmap?

There are multiple ways you can execute your software project. We want you to take well thought out decisions to minimize waste in time, efforts and money.

  • Is your project worth it? Get an external opinion with market analysis.
  • Understand your competition and how to differentiate yourself.
  • What is the best technology stack based on your timeline and budget?
  • What are the key features you should launch with and how to best validate your hypothesis?
  • Runway and funding requirements.
  • Do you need a CTO?
  • Should you build your own team? If so should you build your team onshore or offshore?
  • Should you outsource? If so where?
  • How should you plan and budget your marketing?
  • and much more….




Over the years, we hav helped several companies launch new initiatives. We have seen many great ideas fall apart because of poor execution. Don’t let that happen to you.

We have launched few of our own initiatives, raised fundings, exited with some and created a ongoing revenue streams with others.

$1,200 /One time fee

Get a detailed actionable plan.

Opportunity Analysis

We want you to enter the market with a clear understanding of your competition and the opportunity that you are sitting on. 

Go, No Go Signal

We are sure that the project has huge potential. But at times the market might not be matured enough and might require a Prequel. And sometimes the idea might not be worth pursuing. Allow us to give you a 100% transparent opinion or suggest an alternative to solve the problem at hand.

Execution plan

Execution is of utmost importance. We want you to get to market fast with the right technology stack and team in place. We will lay all the options in front of you and recommend the best one based ensuring you have a maximum runway.

Go to market strategy

Once the project is done, how do we get people to use it? This is one of the most important aspects that often is overlooked and we want you to have a plan in place before you begin your journey.

Unique roadmap

Every project is unique. Some projects require different thinking than what we have listed. We will listen to you and based on that decide what will be a valuable roadmap report for your unique project. Get on a free consultation call at no cost and let us walk you through the process.

who will you work with

Jinesh Parekh

partner, India

Jinesh has been working with startups and high growth firms since 2009. Over the years he has helped launch successful MVP’s like Bridj which was valued at $60M within 2 weeks of launch. He has also helped high growth firms leap jump to the next level.

Jinesh understands the constraints and uses them to empower the launch. He successfully launched a game product with a rookie team that procured more than 1 million users and is still in revenue.

Jinesh is optimistic and always sees a distant future just as an entrepreneur dreams. Working closely with Jen he will assist you with research, ideas, business modelling and best strategies to gather traction on the product. Being a technologist himself, he will be able to suggest the right technology stack and how to go about building with it. 

Jennifer Durkin

partner, Denver

Jennifer places relationships and culture at the core of her professional philosophy. She thrives on using lightweight methodologies to enhance and strengthen working teams and their business objectives. Jennifer focuses on strengths, fosters curiosity, and offers radical candor by default. Her mantra is:  What’s possible, together?

For over 10 years, Jennifer has practiced her gift for developing productive workplace relationships across multiple industries. Within professional services, finance, retail, entrepreneurship, product, and technology sectors of business, she has broken down silos and brought value-stream teams into a unified culture. She is a nimble strategist and innovative idea generator constantly striving for the perfect balance between systems and process, creating exceptional efficiencies.