Your team. Your payroll. In India.

This is our most unique offering. After 10+ years in business, we realize it to be the wisest decisions our customers make when they have a long term product development roadmap.

What does it take?

It takes about four to six months to build a team of six to eight developers and designers along with a technical lead / project manager. We work with you for the whole year to ensure you are comfortable and beyond if you need us more.


Save $66,000 per month

The biggest advantage you get is cost effectiveness. If you were to build a team of six-eight people, you would be saving more than $800K-$1M per year.

Fully Committed team

When you have the team on your payroll, they have a singular focus, to deliver and build your product.

Work is being done, while you sleep

The time zone difference now enables your company to deliver for 20 hours a day at the minimum.


We have built teams and cultures that has worked and the ones that have failed. We know what it takes to build a self-organizing team. If we simply hire and you have to spend time managing the team, it would quickly get frustrating. Instead:

1. We focus on building teams that are self-driven
2. We set up and employ your processes to figure out the next set of work 
3. We create learning and sharing culture 
4. We ensure they say “NO” to unrealistic deadlines and set the right expectations
5. We ensure they know that they are having fun and growing with you.

…… we create you teams, that will deliver and be excited to walk the extra mile for you.


We'll work with you till you are comfortable working with your team
$ ~45,000 phased out over engagement period
  • A company registered in India, takes 3-4 weeks.
  • 2. Bank account for payroll processing.
  • 3. Get you an office space or co-working space in the city of your choice.
  • 4. Hire the team, build the right culture and set the wheels in motion.
  • 5. Setup HR practices and get you legal and accounting help locally for smooth operations.