We are mavericks
We think like us!


The dictionary meaning for maverick is ‘independent ­minded person’. But then, we don’t follow the dictionary either. Trust us.We follow ourselves. A bunch of talented, free spirited geeks who have come together with a vision. Ok, may be vision is too heavy a word for a free flowing young lot like us. We get inspired by the leaders of the industry but we don’t follow them blindly. You can call us an arrogant bunch of geeks, or you can call us brave. Brave enough to think new. Think simple. Think pragmatic. Think the way only we would. No wonder,coming out with the tagline for ‘Idyllic’ was easy: 

We think like us!


It is difficult, but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business.
It is not about being the best, it is about making room for progress.
Go beyond
It is never crowded along the extra mile.
Work Hard
We like to earn money the old-fashioned way.
Meaningful relationships
Doing business is merely an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship for life.


Jinesh Parekh

partner, India

Jinesh is here to build meaningful relationships with his customers and team. Over the past decade, he has worked with several startups and enterprises. He enjoys thinking out of the box and coming up with innovative, yet simple, approaches to solve complex problems.

Jinesh has built Idyllic culture around humility and trust. He enjoys working with startups and loves building MVP. He guards the product and does not let the founders build features that does not test the key hypothesis. He is a naysayer when it comes to new features until the feature justifies its values and that is how he keeps the product lean.

Jinesh keeps the benefit of his customers at the core. He has helped his customers build their own teams in India realizing how much more can be done that way and how cost-effective it gets.


Jennifer Durkin

partner, Denver

Jennifer places relationships and culture at the core of her professional philosophy. She thrives on using lightweight methodologies to enhance and strengthen working teams and their business objectives. Jennifer focuses on strengths, fosters curiosity, and offers radical candor by default. Her mantra is:  What’s possible, together?

For over 10 years, Jennifer has practiced her gift for developing productive workplace relationships across multiple industries. Within professional services, finance, retail, entrepreneurship, product, and technology sectors of business, she has broken down silos and brought value-stream teams into a unified culture. She is a nimble strategist and innovative idea generator constantly striving for the perfect balance between systems and process, creating exceptional efficiencies.