Careers page is the next most important page on website

When we started to think of designing our careers home page, we were wondering if we could identify a few good ones. To our surprise we could not find one.

We believe the careers page is one of the most important pages that is often neglected. Often it is believed to hold value from talent acquisition perspective. However, a savvy client would first checkout the careers page. When we initially launched, the only thing on our website was careers page.

Career page depicts a very important thing about a company – CULTURE. What you write on careers page to attract talent tells the client a lot about the culture and core philosophy of the company and the kind of team they can expect to work with. It validates the bold statement on the home page which attempts to shout out – “we have a bright team”.

We hope to see a lot more beautifully designed career page on websites in the coming future. Please share any you know on this blog.

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