Design Innovation: Going Beyond Industry Standards

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There is a lot of thought that has to go into any sort of product, in order to ensure it is of the highest quality and performs properly. This is especially true for software products.

Skilled developers are an absolute must to ensure that websites or mobile apps are easy to navigate and attract customers. However, running smoothly isn’t necessarily enough; the look of your product is just as important.

Talented teams of developers such as Idyllic’s always have designers which can help bring your software product to the next level.

The Importance of Design in Innovation

Design innovation can spark fresh concepts, increase the business, and aid in growth. 

An imaginative component is not always required for a successful business. However, while your company continues to operate normally, a designer can experiment with new and different ways to turn your thoughts into actions in terms of products or services.

Design innovation is more than just producing the aesthetic of a finished product. Designers can provide a broader range of actionable insights to help your company get ahead of industry guidelines. 

Their methodologies include:

  • Investigation (focuses on what your customers require and desire), 
  • Strategizing (generates numerous ideas quickly),
  • Prototyping (allows you to test the practicability of your concepts early on in the product lifecycle). 

These design approaches can be integrated into any company’s existing technology development features.

Software products are defined by their design more than you probably thought. Browsing a website or mobile app is meant to be a pleasurable experience. If you are pleasantly surprised from the moment you click on it, you are more likely to keep exploring and purchasing from said business.

What Is Design Thinking?

Making decisions like a designer combines what is attractive from a psychological standpoint with what is effective and economically feasible. It also allows individuals who aren’t creatives to use artistic tools to solve a wide range of problems.

Design thinking employs reasoning, creativeness, instinct, and systemic reasoning to investigate what might be and to produce preferred results that benefit the average consumer.

Design thinking is associated with creating a better future and seeks to develop things up, as opposed to critical analysis, which tries to break them down. Trying to make something go away is what problem-solving is all about. Creating is the act of bringing things into being. User innovation is informed by design thinking, which starts with understanding and analyzing of customers’/users’ unfulfilled or unexpressed necessities.

Industry standards are good placeholders, and they exist for a reason. But employing the design innovation process to go beyond them will make you stand out and pave the way for the next generation of software products.

The Design Innovation Process

Source: Freepik

The framework of design thinking allows for a smooth journey from investigation to implementation. Involvement in the customer experience collects information, which is then converted into perspectives. This aids teams in agreeing on design criteria for brainstorming solutions. 

Assumptions about what is important to the achievement of those solutions are checked and validated with rough prototypes. Then they assist teams in further developing innovative software products and preparing them for user navigation.

According to the Board of Innovations, there are 4 primary cycles of the design innovation process:

1. Proof of Value

This cycle refers to identifying the problem statement and, subsequently, the way it influences the life of your software product users.

2. Proof of Concept

When the issue is identified, a solution is thought up. This cycle is all about creating prototypes and testing them, to establish the viability of the said solution, and, therefore, your product.

3. Proof of Market

Ensuring that your developed software product fits into the market the way it should and proves to be sustainable is imperative.

4. Proof of Impact

Last but not least, you have to be able to prove that once launched, your product will have an impact on the market; after all, this is what innovation is all about and strives for.

The act of discovering, narrowing, and comprehending the wants of consumers is known as innovative design. So, the first step in innovation by design is to engage with the consumer and always put the client first. This will lower the likelihood of failure later on. As a result, the audience is constantly at the center of design innovation. Furthermore, it strengthens client relationships by gaining loyalty and trust as you try to meet their wants and assist them in solving a specific problem.

Scale Software Products Through a Great Design Team

Design innovation is at the core of ensuring that your software product will make a true impact on the market and launch your business to success. Remaining at the industry-level standard is fine, but “fine” isn’t enough to exponentially build your customer base.

When you hire the software development team at Idyllic, you can be sure that you don’t only sign up for great development and a smooth-running product, but also for an interdisciplinary approach to software design meant to innovate and impress through aesthetic, usability, and overall feel.

Get in contact with us and learn more about what we have to offer for your company!

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