Microservices at Idyllic

Over the last one and a half years we’ve been constantly working towards finding newer ways to build more resilient software, faster. And, we’ve found that the lines between enterprise software development and building for startups has significantly blurred. The value of iterating and releasing software quickly has been universally acknowledged and our traditional methodologies for building applications fall short in more than a few areas. At Idyllic, our experiments with Burst Mode Development (TM) brought us to Microservices and we haven’t looked back since.

Rarely has there been so much excitement about an architectural design philosophy but we’ve learnt that the hype around it is, in fact, well founded. Concepts like Event Sourcing and CQRS alone, are worth their weight in gold and have completely changed how we look at software systems. Our quest towards anti fragile software has never been stronger. Over the next few weeks we intend to blog and talk about our journey in adopting and migrating towards micro services based systems in order to enable others who have been on the fence for a while.
Last Friday, we decided to share our year long journey by creating the first micro services specific meet up group in Pune, sharing our experiences in micro services adoption and some general best practices. While we focus on this, we’ll be working towards several open source tools and platforms that enable adoption of these principles and we hope to seek community support in building these products.

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