Start your company with an offshore vacation

How would it be to start your company with a vacation?

Sounds great right? But, you are saving every penny to start your dream venture. You don’t want to indulge but stay focused and work hard to make your dream come alive. And you want to be there when it happens! So how could you enjoy a vacation?

What if I said, you can be focused, work to succeed, yet witness each step towards realizing your dreams while enjoying a vacation? Yes, it is possible. Just plan a vacation at the shore… you just offshored your web development. While your idea takes shape, be there to witness it and enjoy many more advantages.

No speculations, More freedom

Once you move offshore for the web development phase, you are closer to your dreams. You have full transparency about the project. You enjoy the freedom of hiring your own web development team while not having to own the responsibility. You can motivate your development team; know what they are doing for your project, see how the web application is evolving and where your money is going.

Bridge The Geographic Bride to Bridge the Communication gap

Most entrepreneurs face communication challenges with offshore partners. Your ideas are at a risk of misinterpretation unless the communication gap is filled. Physically being present helps a lot. It is easy to convey an idea and see that development is done per your instructions. Misinterpretations can be tackled at a faster pace when you can work with the development team directly and see how your web application is evolving.

Lean, Learn & Implement

Lean means creating more value for your customers with fewer resources. A lean organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste. Your offshore team can help reduce waste and create value.

Become a Lean Startup while you work with expert developers. Brainstorming with the development team can help you decide what to keep and what not to keep in your Minimum Viable Product. You also get to know the technical hiccups, how to overcome them and how long would the process will take. Learn and implement strategically.

Do not wake up with Surprises

When development is offshored, there is a time zone difference. Your offshore team works at your sleeping hours but they still need your guidance. But our biological clock is set to sleep at night. A sound night sleep also increases our productivity. So why work at night? However, the interaction gets limited when you are unavailable at their working hours. If the team gets stuck somewhere, they either have to wait for your response until the next day or have to follow their gut and proceed with development. If they add some features you don’t want, you will wake up with surprises. Another day might be lost in re-doing the work. To avoid such situations – you could temporarily move offshore. Guide your team at daytime and relax at night with them.

Build a long term relationship

Create a strong relationship with your development team while learning about a new culture. It helps both you and your offshore partner to understand each other’s business challenges and requirements. Doubts are replaced with mutual respect and tolerance. Hence, a long term partnership can come up.

Explore a new market

Vacationing is a good opportunity for you to look for new markets. You never know, there might be good business opportunities at an offshore location ready to be explored.

Your chance to have a vacation in India!

India is known for its mysticism, culture and captivating destinations. So here we present you an opportunity to enjoy the Indian holiday with an Idyllic touch. We at Idyllic Software invite you start your entrepreneurial journey from India. We will encourage your dream, and we want you to get it right first time. We will work as your partners, invested in the success of your business and perfection of your product. Be our guest for an Incredible voyage to India!

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