The Rise Of Quality And Reliability In Non-US Developers

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Using an offshore software development company is an activity to which companies have been resorting to over the years more frequently, due to its many benefits, both in quality and prices. 

However, there still seems to be doubt in the average mind regarding the quality of software product development outside of the United States. Some small businesses and start-ups still overstretch their budget in order to hire full-time.

The quality you can get by outsourcing when building your business software is highly underestimated. For a lower price, you can benefit from the latest technology, the best developers and have time working for you instead of against you when collaborating with an offshore software development company. Time zones can ensure that work is done even when you are sleeping, speeding up the process.

It’s important to know when to outsource, in order to ensure you get the most out of your software design. Forbes does a great job at listing all the reasons why and why not to opt for offshore development when it comes to your business.

When you notice a stagnation in quality and innovation and are in need of great flexibility, both work-wise and budget-wise, we agree with them that outsourcing software product development is the option for you. 

If you’re still a little skeptical, we understand you; for now, it’s mostly been big words and praise for outsourcing business software. However, we have the examples and data to back it up, worry not!

By taking a look at Idyllic’s portfolio, we can see just how beneficial this kind of custom software development company can be for your business. For example, in just 14 weeks, we conceived, created, and launched an Uber-like intelligent bus service for the city of Boston, boosting the company’s value to $60 million.

Outsourcing software design has been gaining popularity during the past couple of years. According to the most recent outsourcing figures, the IT sector is moving the fastest toward offshore providers. In fact, software product development accounts for around 64% of all outsourced offshore technology tasks.

Top 5 Countries With The Best Programmers

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In order to understand the high quality of the offshore software development company market and its services outside the US, let’s take a look at the top countries in the world.

1. India

India is the best country when it comes to outsourcing IT services, in great thanks to its high number of English-speaking people, its quality and pricing.

India has a thriving IT industry, and has won a well-deserved place in the global market, from strong government support, a good English-based educational system, a vast talent pool, and an open market. 

2. Russia

Russians have been listed as the best in the most popular and competitive field, that of algorithms

Russia is one of the fastest-growing offshore outsourcing destinations, with a mature business environment that has earned it a reputation as a reliable site for software services and IT outsourcing. 

Because of its highly competent resource pool, Russia is viewed as an excellent site to address complex technical problems.

3. Poland 

In the US Chamber of Commerce IP Index 2020, Poland received an outstanding 70.56 points. It’s a great place to outsource thanks to its lower costs for labor and easy-to-manage tax regime.

The industry is in continuous growth, being one of the countries where people start coding the youngest. Between 2016 and 2021, the number of enterprises in the software development industry grew at a rate of 9.5 percent each year on average.

4. Switzerland

According to The State of European Tech 2019 research, Switzerland is on track to become Europe’s leading technology country with over 155,700 registered software engineers.

Due to its constantly rising software scene and having some of the best conditions for software developers in the world, it is only a matter of time until the Swiss might gain even more traction and become one of the favored places for offshore outsourcing.

5. Hungary

Over 5.7 million IT professionals live in Eastern Europe. Local governments have made investments in the IT industry and technical education in recent years. As a result, a majority of developers are located in Eastern Europe, making it one of the most attractive locations for hiring a custom software development company.

Hungary dominated the competition in terms of experts in the coding language PHP.

The Company For You

By taking a look at the rundown of countries with the best software developers, we should be able to gain a bit more trust in software design produced outside the US. However, the place you choose to collaborate with on your projects should check more boxes than just be in the top 5.

Things such as language barriers and timezones need to always be taken into consideration when hiring an offshore software development company. 

If you’ve let go of your non-US development skepticism and are ready to build web and mobile apps that can upscale your business in your desired budget, now’s the right time to contact some professionals and get started.

By contacting Idyllic right now, you can begin collaborating with a top offshore software development company in order to launch a new product, build your own team in India, or work on bettering an already existing project.

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