To Share or Not to Share – PS4 VS XBox One

Sharing is caring. It has been taught to us since childhood and we totally believe it. However, in the gaming world, sharing has not been so legally favored. Companies have tried increasing sales of games by applying protection methods that restrict circulation of used games and their use on a friend’s gaming console. It has encouraged boys to move to their parents’ basement and produce cracks of every game that is available in market. In recent years, some game-makers tried to control illegal transfer of used games with the power of internet checks too but hackers as well started the efforts on their ends.

It has been a tussle of to-share-or-not-to-share all the way. This tug of war seems to come to an end by Sony’s announcement of PS4 at E3 press event. Sony has decided to allow used games in PS4 and has also dropped the always-online bomb. That is not just a blow to all those hackers but also to Sony’s archrival Microsoft who is coming up with Xbox One. In the recent publishing by Microsoft on how Xbox One would work, they hinted some limitations to sharing games with friends as well as the initial inability to rent titles. The console will also require on online check every 24 hours failing which, the gamer won’t be able to use the device online any further. Certainly, PS4 has made its way to the hearts over Xbox One.

The gaming community worldwide has been talking about this latest revelation of Sony.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment twitted a step-by-step video about how to share PS4 games.

Needless to say, the video went viral in just few hours.The price war has already been won on by PS4. Soon after, this pic comparing Xbox One and PS4 started taking rounds in tweets. Here is one of the sample emotions on twitter.

Some gamers were not happy with the revelation that PS4 did not support an offline multiplayer gaming. In this arena, they were required to have online subscription, just like Xbox One.

Certainly PS4 is winning over Xbox One in this console war on pre-booking. However, we still are to observe the next strategy of Microsoft to counter competition. As for now, this is the reality:

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