5 easy-to-do no-cost-involved tactics to boost your SEO

The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization is itself a heavy term for small businesses to understand and invest time and money. However it is as essential as water to win the regular battle in business. Having worked with a number of small businesses we have come up with a short and sneaky list of ideas that can help you to scale your small business up the SEO ladder with minimum money and time.

Start Bootstrapping

Bootstraping in genral is by far one of the easiest methods to make your SEO work for you. This is purely because it involves no money in it. You invest your time to draw attention to your website, however paying not a single cent. If budget is a constraint for you, then bootstrapping is by far the best SEO way to take your business ahead.

Blogging matters

Start writing your own blogs with rich and valuable content. Always remember the old adage, “Content is the king”, so let the king rule lavishly. If you want to establish brand recognition and authority then you got to interact with people via your valuable content. Once you establish yourself with your blogs, make sure you take up guest blogging. There are numerous websites which allow guest bloggers to write good content and in return they will provide you with valuable inbound links to promote your business. Make sure you don’t miss them.

Research for keywords

When you were in school remember your teachers used to mark essential keywords in definitions and asked you to memorize it. Your business too needs that dedication. Research and which keywords are doing rounds related to your business. Identify two or three high traffic yet mid o low competitive keywords related to your business. Make sure you add them in your blog posts as tags or meta tags and use them as hash tags while you tweet. This will add value to your website and eventually increase your SEO page rankings, thereby improving your business.

Send out press releases

Although you may think that being a small business how can a press release help you out! But the catch is, a press release is like a Pandora’s Box, loaded with lot of power. It will help in building your brand awareness, fetch in referral traffic, build citations for local markets and finally is a social proof of your growing business. Once a month distribute a press release and see the benefits that follow.

Go social

The last and the most essential part of building your SEO high is enhancing social presence. Follow relevant people or businesses in social media like – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook. Share their thoughts and ideas in your social media profiles. Pick relevant content from your website and spread the word. Also ensure that you participate in contexts related to your business and never repent to be vocal about it.

Ultimately, SEO is a building and sharing responsibility. If you can pick it up you will reap the benefits of it for a long time. And always remember SEO is not a day’s task. To get fulfilling results you need to be patient and dedicated about it.

If you have some more cool yet easy to do ideas to boost your SEO, let us know. We will spread it- so that together we can make a difference.

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