Summon the Warrior in you on this World Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurs do deserve a day dedicated to them. Entrepreneurs not only build for themselves, but they are the true pioneers of bringing in change. At times, you wonder, how these people with no power or support, come into the lime light and make our lives easier. What’s in it for them? Money, Fame or Power? Though these three attributes might seem to be the key driving force, the real answer is that it is none of them. Below is the true essence of entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurship is to serve

Entrepreneurship is not about being your own boss but becoming a humble servant. It is not just being the King but to serve your customers and also owe service to your team. A true entrepreneur is most humble being you will ever see.

Entrepreneurship is about self-realization

Entrepreneurship is about entering the unknown and facing the uncertainties. This is the trait of a warrior. One realizes more about herself on her entrepreneurial journey, than she would have walking on the safe revenue path.

Entrepreneurship is about the story

The essence of entrepreneurship is in its story. It is not at all about the golden chalice. The essence is in your experience and bringing that experience back to your people. What you create in your entrepreneurial journey should live after you are gone. Just like the epic of a warrior. The essence of your story should benefit the new generation in helping them embark on their journey.

With this being said, most of us fear from embarking on the journey fearing the unknown, the unpredictable. Today on this world’s entrepreneurship day, I summon the warrior in you to take on the world and leave it better than what you had come to.

Wish you a very happy entrepreneurship day !!!

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