Busting The Myths Of Offshore Software Development

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Choosing to outsource and opt for offshore software development is a decision that is becoming increasingly popular in the software engineering industry. However, with its quick rise in fame, just like any celebrity, it encounters quite a number of rumors about it that should be debunked. 

Jokes aside, hiring an offshore software development company to build software for your business can bring you plenty of benefits. It’s important to show how wrong some myths about this form of outsourcing are to encourage more people to reap the benefits of going offshore!

Beyond Misconceptions: Myths and Truths about Offshore Software Development

Without further ado, let’s bring to light once and for all the 4 biggest misconceptions about hiring an offshore software development company to take care of your web design and development needs.

Myth 1: Outsourcing Will Lead To Higher Costs

Truth: No. Salaries in offshore locations such as India range from 10% to 30% of those in the United States. Receive significant personnel savings when hiring a custom software development company offshore. 

That being said,  the  transition from a fixed-cost IT system to a flexible pricing structure, which allows businesses to better control operating expenses, is the bigger benefit of outsourcing. 

There will be less hassle with software or hardware infrastructure, as well as lower costs for developing and updating technology and software and training software engineers on cutting-edge technology.

In short, instead of having to deal with higher salaries and fixed prices, you can find quality work for less money, while also having more flexibility with the custom software development company you will hire.

Myth 2: Offshore Dev Shops Offer Poor Quality Products

Truth: No. You will find some of the best programmers in the world if you take a look outside the US. While the US has plenty of great developers, with a little research, you’ll come to find it is not even in the top 5!

India, for example, is a great example of a wonderful country to choose as a place to outsource your business software. Not only are they great at web design and development, but they are also largely fluent in English and have lower prices, ticking off all the boxes.

Another testament to the incredibly quality of offshore software development is Idyllic’s portfolio. Need we say more? Just take a look and see for yourself some amazing projects brought to life.

Myth 3: There Are Cultural Barriers That Burden The Collaboration

Truth: No. Offshore software development is a great idea for your business software because you can collaborate with IT workers from another country, not in spite of it. Going offshore means encountering fresh perspectives and innovation; it means uniting knowledge from multiple cultures in order to build software that is new and improved.

In terms of language barriers, that’s pretty much not a problem today. As we’ve mentioned before, in countries where you will find the best custom software development company for you, such as India, you will also regularly find great English speakers to collaborate with. It’s no accident that 260 Fortune 1000 businesses have chosen India as their outsourcing destination.

Myth 4: Outsourcing Leads To Security Issues

Truth: Several companies argue that storing data locally, in their network infrastructure, is the safest option. The way they see it, outsourcing is exposing a company’s sensitive data to third-party suppliers who may or may not handle data in a secure and protected manner, putting Intellectual Property Rights at risk.

So, is this actually true? No. Providers, contrary to popular assumption, devote a tremendous amount of effort and resources to ensuring a secure environment. The system’s main purpose is to protect data from natural disasters and unauthorized access. 

Companies with extremely sensitive data can sign an Intellectual Property agreement and explore the work being executed at their client’s location for the duration of the contract.

The True World Of Offshore Outsourcing

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Now that we’ve debunked the most popular myths about hiring an offshore software development company, we can look at things a bit more clearly.

Maybe you clicked on this article as a skeptic in regard to offshore software development, maybe you didn’t, but the goal is that by now we have convinced you that there are many pluses to software engineering outside the US.

This way, when you’re looking to hire a custom software engineering company for your business software in the future, you’ll have a clearer view of your benefits and countless possibilities.

Or, better yet, do yourself a favor and hire Idyllic to build software for you, because you’ll receive your business software on time and within budget!

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