Hire Scala Zio Akka Developer

If you are looking for a Senior Scala backend engineer, we’ve got one for you to start immediately.

Senior Scala Developer with 9+ years of experience functional programming
– Proficient in RESTful API development
– Proficient in GraphQL API development
– Proficient with SQL databases Postgres and Mysql
– Proficient in Scala Libraries: ZIO, Cats, Laminar, ScalaCheck, React, Material UI, akka-hp, hp4s, Rened, Slick

Opensource Contributions:
– akka-http-json – Added akka-hp support for zio-json
– Caliban scala zio graphql – Added validation for GraphQL objects per spec.
– ZIO libraries scala zio cong property-based-testing –
Ported ZIO#left methods into ZPure in zio-prelude, added ZManaged combinators tapError and tapBoth in zio, and property tests for zio-cong to make sure round-trip conversions of congelds are correct.
We would be happy to share his test interview which was to deliver a web crawler. 
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