When to containerize your monolith?

“Just before you launch another VM instance with load balancing and before you start thinking microservices.”

You have an application built. Now that it is being used and requires scaling, you are thinking of load-balancing it and putting it on one more VM instance. When deployed as traditional application instances instead of containers, the application’s configuration is managed as part of the VM, which isn’t ideal. A container will ensure that you will be able to deploy quickly without having issues with a corrupted VM or missing out on copying that configuration file. 

This is the perfect time to Dockerize it. Though it will take some time initially, you will start seeing the benefits quickly. More so, you will be on your way to breaking up the services and be ready to enter the realm of microservices.

We can help you safely move your application into a container and get you going. So feel free to reach out to us.

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