The Top Successful Mobile App Features

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Nowadays, every business should have an online presence – especially in the form of a mobile app.

Smartphone users are everywhere and are always on the lookout for the best mobile apps that can offer them an optimal experience while also catering to their needs. 

Here is where your stellar mobile app features should come into play!

Creating a successful mobile app is easier than you think if you know what app features you should include and why. We are ready to tell you all about that in this article!

What Makes a Good Mobile App?

Build the right features, well. Every entrepreneur who invests in mobile app development wants to release an app that will be a huge success in the smallest period of time, not one which will get lost in the app store’s never-ending sea of rivals. Be mindful of the essential elements that define a market-ready app if you want to be certain that your smartphone app will function smoothly and have the best possible chance of success.

The most recent technology is desired in all of today’s apps, as can be seen by browsing through them. The ultimate success elements for the mobile app experience are being improved using AI technologies, as well as VR, AR, machine learning, and much more.

When a person accesses an app for the first time, they take note of its user interface/experience, features, and functionality. The frequency of updates and problem fixes come after these things, continuing to polish the application and bringing it closer to its best form.

Mobile app development requires more than just money. Although the cost is undoubtedly a consideration, the success of the app is first and foremost influenced by the quality of the solution it’s providing users. 

What are the main determinants of mobile application success? Any successful software needs to have outstanding features. 

Must-Have Mobile App Features for Every Business 

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An app’s success isn’t determined by how many features it has; rather, it’s determined by how well those features are combined. Some key features for your app can be found in the list below.

1. Informational “How-To” 

Not many people know how to use every feature of an app right from the moment they download it. This is even more so the case now that mobile app design is getting more and more complex and mobile app features are multiplying.

Adding a “how-to” element to your app, right after the download, will help smartphone users learn how to engage better with your app and all of its other features. Consequently, this will maximize their user experience and, in the end, their overall satisfaction with your mobile app development.

2. Easy-to-Navigate User Interface

While the “how-to” offers users insight into how to navigate your app successfully, this doesn’t give you a free hand to make the app interface as complicated as you wish!

An intuitive and responsive user interface is definitely a requirement for a successful mobile app. Customers desire a smooth integration and a clear understanding of how to use the app, including which buttons to click and other instructions. The app has to be adjustable to various screen sizes given that there are already 3.8 billion smartphone users globally.

3. Good Customer Support Functions

If something isn’t exactly going smoothly with mobile apps, the last thing a user will want to deal with is having to go through an overly-complicated process to report the issue. 

An integrated easy-to-use user support feature, such as a chat or a smooth submission form, is a must-have app feature so that user feedback can be collected easily and customers can be satisfied with the result.

4. Social Media Integration

It’s probably not an exaggeration to say that anyone with an internet connection and mobile devices has, at least, one form of social media. This is why integrating social media into your app’s interface is an essential feature that should not be ignored during the mobile app development process.

This way, it enables users to easily share the content they want to, while also giving your mobile applications exposure and, therefore, free publicity.

5. Smart Push Notifications

Smart is an important word in this case because it’s easy to have an amazing mobile app design and ruin it by annoying smartphone users with heaps of push notifications that they don’t want to see.

Push notifications should be targeted, only appearing when there is some information that is actually relevant to the users and is likely to prompt them to return to the app.

6. “Search” Option

Make sure the road from question to answer is as short as possible for your users, and you’ll maximize your probability of having a successful mobile app. 

Especially if your mobile app features have a lot to offer, it’s important that nothing gets lost in your intricately thought-out mobile app design. By having a search bar, they can go straight to what they need, and exit your app feeling 100 times more satisfied with your services.

It’s Time to Get The Best Mobile App for Your Business

Mobile app development isn’t a walk in the park for most, but it definitely is for professionals who have been working with companies to scale their web and mobile applications since day one!

Making sure you get the best mobile app features is Idyllic’s number one priority. All you have to do is get in contact with us and tell us what your needs are, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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