Start-Ups And Offshore Software Development: A Match Made In Financial Heaven

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What Is Offshore Software Development?

When a company decides to opt for offshore software development services, what it means is that instead of hiring each individual member of their software development team, they hire a custom software development company which is situated outside their country (hence offshore) to handle their development needs.

This company provides an offshore software development team consisting of a span of professionals to handle web development, app development or any other needs your business might have, in a more efficient and budget-friendly manner.

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing, which Idyllic’s blog has previously covered, but today, we will shine a spotlight on how offshore development can benefit start-ups financially.

Why Hire An Offshore Software Development Company?

Before understanding how a team of offshore software developers can benefit your start-up, it’s important to get a good grasp of what it actually is and how it operates. Making an informed decision in business is always significant.

Offshoring versus Outsourcing

These two are terms that are more often than not confused in the business world. While in many instances, they may appear together, it’s essential to understand that they do, in fact, have distinct meanings.


Offshoring is, at its core, a geographical activity. It consists of moving manufacturing activities from the West to countries with lower labor costs, in order to raise profits for companies as well as lower prices for the buyers.

Offshore custom software development is very popular in the IT industry, and for good reason. Offshore software development companies are well-known for their expertise. Find a list of the countries with the best programmers here!

The practice has the potential to reduce costs for both the vendor and the buyer. Advocates also believe that these acts can boost income in some of the world’s poorest countries and create jobs for those most in need of support.


This practice is defined as moving certain activities of a business to a third party, aka an outsourcing company.

While offshoring is a plus on the financial side, outsourcing brings huge benefits to the quality of the product you put out on the market. 

If your company does not have the depth of developers needed, nor the means to hire them in-house, you can outsource development and trust talented software engineers from outsourcing companies to bring your software product to life while you focus on your own areas of expertise

Offshore Software Development And Start-Ups

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When you are at the beginning of the road, every small detail counts and can bring you one step closer to scaling your business.

Offshore outsourcing is quicker than developing in-house primarily because you don’t have to rent workspaces, build up a development framework, or hire a full-time professional staff. All of these are things from which any burgeoning business is more than happy to have off their backs.

Outsourcing software development offshore as a start-up opens you to vast expertise and knowledge, without any geographical limits standing in the way of your new outstanding software product becoming reality.

The Financial Side

There are plenty of other upsides to offshoring as a start-up, but our main focus in this article is the financial side of things. After all, properly managing your budget is one of the most important ways to ensure that your business has the means to take off in the near future.

The software development process is endless, especially in the beginning stages, when you are building a functional prototype for your product. And, unfortunately, time is money, especially when you take into consideration the salary rates of programmers in places like the US.

However, if you supplement or move your development operations to India, you don’t only get the absolute best developers out there, but you also get your product done at a fraction of the price, saving enough to invest in other essential things, such as marketing.

Hitting the market in a timely manner is also vital for a start-up, and offshore software outsourcing can ensure that your product is done in record time.

No, we’re not talking about gimmicky processes and false promises. It’s logical, if you think about it. When you hire an in-house team, you need to devote a significant amount of time to overall company training with departments and processes, and familiarity with your tech environment which can take at least a month before regular productive value is delivered. This is alongside an assumed long-term commitment with that employee. 

Your chosen offshore development team has been working together for far longer than you’ve probably even had your company. They know each other, how to collaborate, as well as their industry perfectly, saving you the effort of having to build a team from scratch, on top of the time you would invest in project management. These teams are skilled at quickly familiarizing themselves with existing codebases and team coordination. They also understand that the project may only last a short time, therefore they are motivated to do their best from day 1.

In conclusion, offshore development companies have the expertise, skills, and rates necessary to help upscale your business while maintaining your costs at a sustainable level.

Where Can I Find An Offshore Development Company?

A remote team which offers great offshore development services isn’t hard to find, especially with unlimited access worldwide. India and China are among the most well-known and respected for their quality and prices. Eastern Europe also has a pretty great reputation in the IT industry.

Looking for the best software development companies is great, but when making your choice, also make sure they are what is best for you and your personal needs.

A company such as Idyllic is the perfect fit for almost any start-up in need of web development services or mobile app development, with a portfolio to prove it!

Contact Idyllic now and start the process of upscaling your own start-up today!

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